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Hyperledger Composer

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Even as the Block chain technology is in its nascent stages and everybody is trying to understand it – there are organizations which have started collaborative efforts to harness the power of blockchain.  One such endeavor is the IBM Hyperledger open source project which is hosted by the Linux foundation to build blockchain applications efficiently and quickly. It is a “global collaboration” with entities from different sectors such as finance, retail, IoT, manufacturing included in it. 

IBM Hyperledger Composer playground:

The IBM Hyperledger Composer is a fast and efficient way of building block chain applications. While it normally takes a few months to build a blockchain for a business network, by means of the IBM Hyperledger Composer, the same can be achieved in a few weeks time.  It consists of a IBM Hyperledger Composer Playground to learn,build and test blockchains networks. 

The IBM Hyperledger Composer playground is available  from this link. This post will give a high level view of the Hyperledger Composer playground. The Hyperledger composer playground runs inside a Docker container and can be installed and worked with in any of the two modes:

a. a browser mode

b. Hyperledger Fabric peer network

There are three main actors in the Composer playground – Assets, Transactions and Participants.

Assets – As we already seen, asset is anything that has value. It is the main part of the trade. Examples of assets can be car, house, patent 

Transactions – Transactions are those events that we achieve with the ‘Assets’. For example, if ‘Car’ is an asset, ‘transferring’ car ownership might be a transaction.

Participants – are the major actors who take part in the block chain business network. For example, the buyer and seller are participants.

The Model(.cto file), script file(written in Javascript and holds the business logic) and access control(.acl file) files are appropriately configured. The business network is deployed. The network is tested by adding participants, assets and performing transactions. All transactions are recorded in the Block chain that we have created and can be viewed. 

This post involved the basics of working with Hyperledger Composer playground and is for the alphabet ‘H’ for the Blogchatter challenge… the previous post is here


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This was informative. I never knew anything about a hyperledger!

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