Go Green!!


Go Green!!

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Even as we grumble about the different types of pollution, is is quite ironic to note that “we” are the cause of the pollution! We are the cause of the different types of pollution – air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution. The ocean is our greatest dumping ground. Everything from garbage, cartons, plastic, to untreated sewage water lands in the ocean. Pollution has taken epic proportions and the different types of pollution like air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution are set to control(or already controlling) our life.  Pollution has led to global warming which in turn again affects us directly. Let us see a few ways to reduce pollution and keep our planet green!

Water pollution and the Plastic plague:

Plastic is quite a menace in today’s times and causes excessive water pollution. What began as a convenience has taken a evil twist threatening our ecosystem. Statistics has it that “Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans.” (Source: https://www.sas.org.uk/our-work/plastic-pollution/plastic-pollution-facts-figures/) The plastic takes more than 450 years to disintegrate(and not complete disintegration!)

Air pollution:

Air pollution is caused by the indiscriminate use of electricity, automobiles and unnecessary honking. 

But even as we see pollution all around , there is a silver lining as more people are aware of the situation and we seek to remedy the situation. So, what can be done to mitigate the situation? The city of Bangalore, India has taken these steps:

  • It is necessary to bring your shopping bags to bag the groceries – this reduces the dependence on plastic and creates a more sustainable future
  • Fruits and vegetables are bagged in handmade newspaper paper bags instead of plastic bags
  • Garbage is segregated and is no longer placed in plastic bags

Further water pollution can be reduced by:

  1. using cleaners without chemicals,
  2. using natural pesticides,
  3. conserving water. 

 Air pollution can be reduced by using energy efficient lights, fans and appliances. It is also good to turn off appliances when not in use. Air pollution can further be reduced by car pooling, taking the public transportation when possible, not honking unnecessarily(quite impossible to think of in India! )

Any or all of these steps followed will pave the way for a greener and cleaner Earth!

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Reema DsouzaPosted on2:12 pm - Apr 7, 2018

I agree! Going green is important. It is little steps that we take now that will help us later.

Cheryl SterlingPosted on1:19 am - Apr 8, 2018

I moved from the Midwest USA (lots and lots of water) to Arizona (desert). It is very hard to break a lifetime habit of letting the faucet run. Conservation begins at home, but it is not always easy.
(we also recycle, something not available at our old home).

    JayanthiPosted on10:17 am - Apr 8, 2018

    Yes – so true – difficult to break a lifetime habit… but small steps can be taken for long term benefits…thanks for stopping by! 🙂

PiyushaPosted on1:45 pm - Apr 8, 2018

I’ve been planning to make a few changes (menstrual cups, biocompost for my garden, etc) in my lifestyle as part of my attempts to go green atleast in some aspects. Hope those changes prove good decisions.

    JayanthiPosted on10:02 pm - Apr 8, 2018

    That is also a good idea to ‘go green’… in Bangalore it is a necessity to separate wet waste and dry waste… the wet waste gets converted to manure for the garden….

ArchanaPosted on7:53 pm - Apr 10, 2018

Its vital to adopt ecofriendly practises but the change can be difficult. Small changes will pave the way. Timely post!

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