What if we go back in ‘time’? What if we could freeze the current happy “time”? What will be our life like 5 years or 10 years later? How would it be for a competitive exam(particularly in India) to have that extra 5 minutes? Why are we so bored at some time point of life?

“I have to get up at 6:00 a.m.” “I have to go for a meeting at 2:00 p.m.” “I have to hit the bed by 10:00 p.m.” “If only I was a few minutes early for my interview… ” ” I have to get married by 25″, ” I have to retire by 60″….Somethings are timeless, somethings are timely…Time… time.. time… everything in the world is related to ‘Time’! Isn’t it amazing how our lives are intertwined with ‘Time’? We are all wedded to the dear clock to regulate our lives! 🙂

Time travel, Time table, time zone…. the ‘time topics’ are endless and so are the quotes.  Such is the significance of time that there have been books written on time(Stephen Hawking wrote “A brief history of Time” to state one popular one), magazines named as ‘Time’, numerous articles on ‘Time management’ and there is also the concept of “good time” and “bad time” in India!

Time is one aspect, that can never be stopped, fast forward or rewound. But the best time is the present time and it is important to make the best of it! 🙂

Have a good time, today! 🙂

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Jayanthi Manikandan has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from India and a Master’s degree in Information systems with a specialization in Information security from Detroit, MI, USA.

She has been passionate about Information security and has several years of experience writing on various technical topics. Additionally, she loves to pen a few personal thoughts here as well! 🙂


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