Patience is a virtue!


Patience is a virtue!

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Today’s proverb is a very simple one that most of us will surely like but difficult to follow in reality…’Patience is a virtue’!!

He was very hardworking. He would get up at the same time every morning(weekday, weekend – it didn’t matter) He could sit with his daughter and teach her softly and gently. If she couldn’t understand something – he could spend more time with her till she understood the whole thing. He will diligently teach his half-interested son how to ride a bike(no scoldings there) Both his kids could not understand that there could be a “strict” father in life… they thought all fathers were like “their” father..calm and composed!! 🙂

Have you tried driving in India and particularly Bangalore? Well, he could do that too and without losing his temper!! There are always cars, bikes, autos, buses flying from haphazard directions on Bangalore roads – but he could somehow manage to drive through it all unfazed(let us not worry about the time it takes to commute, though!! 🙂 :)) 

He could be as cool as a cucumber and he might give a tough competition to Dhoni under most circumstances…… 🙂  well, if you are wondering who is this person who is blessed with a such a patient personality – try guessing, it is not so hard!! 🙂

‘Patience is indeed a virtue’…written for alphabet ‘V’ for the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge. The previous post can be found here.

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Sitharaam JayakumarPosted on8:52 am - Apr 25, 2019

Well, I am pretty much baffled about who it could be unless you are talking about your hubby. After reading your post I read your About page and noticed you have a son and a daughter. So I think you are referring to your husband. Let me know if I am correct.

Sonia ChatterjeePosted on12:33 pm - Apr 25, 2019

Ha ha, your husband looks like a chilled out man. In any case, Bangalore traffic is beyond anyone’s reach. Loved this humorous tale on the topic

Manas MukulPosted on11:23 pm - Apr 25, 2019

Really important post. Nice message.
#ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

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