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What better post for ‘M’ than the state of  ‘Michigan’ in the USA – the place we stayed for 7 1/2 years! 🙂 Even though we left the Michigan almost 8 years ago, the memories remain fresh. The weather in Michigan is beautiful during the summer months. Here are a few facts about Michigan:

  1. The state of Michigan is separated by the upper and lower peninsulas.The upper peninsula is popularly referred to as the ‘UP’ of Michigan. One can find nature at her very,very best in the UP of Michigan. 
  2. The state of Michigan is supposed to be in the shape of ‘mitten’. Can you see the spot the mitten in the picture above? 🙂
  3. Each state in the US has a name and Michigan is known as the ‘Wolverine state’
  4. Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes which are fresh water lakes. The lower peninsula is surrounded by fresh water on all sides except the south(Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Erie surround it)
  5. The upper Peninsula is surrounded by Lake Superior, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. Thus, Michigan is one of the few states to be surrounded by fresh water on all sides.
  6. The capital of Michigan is ‘Lansing’ and not Detroit.
  7. Between the two peninsulas is ‘Mackinac Island’ which is a beautiful island that can be reached by a ferry. The island is unique because the transportation on the island is limited to horse, buggy , bicycling or by foot. No cars or other automobiles are permitted and one can experience time standing still in this picturesque place. For more information on Mackinac island, visit: https://www.mackinacisland.org/

     Picture above shows the ‘Arch rock’ in Mackinac Island. 

8. The upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan are connected by the Mackinac bridge. Here is a picture of the very,very popular Mackinac bridge.


I still remember going up and down the Mackinac bridge several times because we had nothing else to do! 🙂 (and we were almost the only car on the bridge!) Michigan and particularly the UP of Michigan is a beautiful place in the summer and is  untouched by dense human population. Thank you for travelling back in time with me to Michigan! 🙂

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