Let bygones be bygones…


Let bygones be bygones…

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In my most liked proverb series – here is the next one…

Ten years ago, I had a surgery and I cannot help thinking about it till today. “What if I had some things had happened differently?” – how would have my life been? This is my “flashback” many days… do you also rewind your life to some point in your life?

By the time we reach our late 20s or 30s , we all start having things in our life that we cannot banish. It might be that sour relationship, that terrible let down, that breach of trust, that bad accident or any other bad memory. I used to be a person who could never dismiss the past. I could cling to the past forever and forever. When it dawned on me one day, that carrying the past on my shoulders wasn’t doing anything good. Instead, it only got me disappointed. 

Finally, I read this proverb one day and realized how true it was. From that day, I have tried my level best to not dwell on past things and move forward in life. I haven’t stopped dwelling on the past entirely, but I certainly have learnt to look ahead and move forward. What had happened, had happened – and I had to move ahead….

How about you? Do you keep looking at the back and wonder “if this had not happened” or “if that had not happened” – how life would have been? It would be good to look ahead because we cannot change the past but we can certainly look to the future to make our life better! πŸ™‚

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Sitharaam JayakumarPosted on9:41 am - Apr 13, 2019

Yes, the past is actually unnecessary baggage but the trouble is it kinda becomes a part of you and tends to needle you at wrong times. It is very necessary to learn the art of throwing this baggage into the ditch and start moving forward in life.

HumaPosted on9:59 am - Apr 13, 2019

I get you. For me, I tend to forget unless a trigger in the present happens.

Sonia ChatterjeePosted on10:02 am - Apr 13, 2019

We all carry some sort of emotional baggage with us. But letting go is best way to live guilt free and happy. But easier said than done and I have myself often thought why do I dwell on the past.

Pr@GunPosted on11:16 am - Apr 13, 2019

Yes, true we can not change past, but its human nature to think about it. It’s necessary to learn this skill of letting bygones be gone. Nice post.

Aditi KapurPosted on1:59 pm - Apr 13, 2019

True. We carry our memories along and they hinder our perceptions of the future.

Rashi RoyPosted on3:35 pm - Apr 13, 2019

Letting go is the best but also the most difficult thing to do. Well written

Mayuri NidigalluPosted on5:44 pm - Apr 13, 2019

Yes, I do that all the time too. The past does rule my present. But then we are all geniuses on hindsight, so I am trying to change.

Noor Anand ChawlaPosted on5:37 pm - Apr 14, 2019

Yes well-said. Though it’s difficult to follow in theory!

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