Have you heard about cyber diplomacy?

‘Diplomacy’ is defined as “the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and tactful way” and cyber diplomacy is a careful extension to that.

Social media is an absolute necessity for individuals, businesses and government organizations. Most major heads of state are present either on Facebook, Twitter and/or other social media platforms. Given the openness of social media platforms, interactions are easy at all levels with these social media channels.  It is also easy for heads of state to carry out conversations with each other and/or with ordinary citizens. 

Social media words being indelible – these conversations may cause irritants in virtual and normal relationships of different governments. To avoid social media anxiety in the aftermath of any such irritants, it is wise to practice “cyber diplomacy”. “Cyber diplomacy” is hence another tool to strengthen public diplomacy and enhance public relations between different countries albeit in a virtual way. Some ways to practice cyber diplomacy might be to maintain carefully worded blogs and social media comments. It always involves carefully treading in on open conversations. 



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