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The Blogchatter A to Z has kicked off and I start off my set of posts primarily around the theme of technical and personal posts. My latest fascination has been ‘Blockchain’ and I am striving to do my technical posts around my latest interest. 

‘Blockchain’ is the common shared digital ledger that every participant in the business sees. In the Blockchain world, any thing that has value is  called as an ‘Asset’. Assets are sold and bought and these are recorded on the Blockchain ledger. Asset is the key aspect of Blockchain. 

Assets are further classified into tangible assets and intangible assets. Tangible assets are those that can be seen and visualized. Examples of tangible assets are car, motorcycle, house.

Intangible assets are those that are abstract and cannot be seen but they play an equally vital part in the blockchain  cosmos. Examples of intangible assets are mortgage, patent, trademark. 

Cash is yet another form of ‘asset’ but it is completely anonymous. We cannot track its movements. We don’t know who we received it from and where it will go next. 

We discussed ‘Asset’ in the Blockchain world. Drop by tomorrow as I continue my ‘Blockchain’ journey…

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Rashi MitalPosted on10:26 am - Apr 1, 2018

This is definitely not my cup of tea, Jayanthi. Reminds me of school and economics, lols… But, I will try to follow it 🙂 To freshen up my knowledge. 🙂

    JayanthiPosted on10:32 am - Apr 1, 2018

    Can totally understand, Rashi 🙂 That is why planning to do a few technical ones and a few personal ones to keep up the interest!! 🙂

Reema DsouzaPosted on5:52 pm - Apr 1, 2018

Been a while since I read something about this! Quite informative! All the best for the challenge.

wowparenting.comPosted on2:15 pm - Apr 2, 2018

Nice post. Good luck to u. Ll cm bk for personal posts:)

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