Xmas is enjoyable, only if it comes once a year!


Xmas is enjoyable, only if it comes once a year!

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As I was racking my brain for a post for the tricky alphabet ‘X’ , my eyes suddenly fell on this saying – “Xmas is enjoyable, only if it comes once a year” and I knew “this” was the one that I was going to write on!! 🙂 

I am sure it is not every difficult to understand this proverb as well…

  1. Summer vacations are on in most parts of India. We have children playing all the time. They are playing and playing from morning to night! What happens when a student is always having vacations and having fun the whole day? What if they are constantly playing, swimming, bicycling and in today’s age – sitting with the mobiles too!! 🙁 Don’t we as parents get vexed with this non-stop entertainment? The children also get exhausted with too much fun that they get into other troublesome activities as well…
  2. The same  can be held true for adults as well. People who are working continuously for 5-6 days a week or all 7 days a week in today’s scenario, crave a vacation.  But after maybe a week’s of trying to stay away from work related activities – we get tired of vacations and would like to “get back to getting some work done”…
  3. I can say this from a personal experience too – after going on a vacation and trying to de-stress just a few weeks back, I was definitely looking forward to getting back to writing… 🙂 the vacation is more enjoyable only when it comes once in a while…

We can appreciate and enjoy a vacation only if it comes once in a while…that my friends is what this proverb “Xmas is enjoyable, only if it comes once a year” illustrates…. I am sure you can agree with me as well…

This post is for alphabet ‘X’ for #BlogchatterA2Z challenge. The previous post can be found here.

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Sonia ChatterjeePosted on12:53 pm - Apr 27, 2019

Very true. Every state is enjoyable only when a deadline of expiry comes attached with it. Be it a holiday or working schedule, it is fun only till a certain point

Aditi kapurPosted on6:57 pm - Apr 27, 2019

You are right Jayanthi. Everything is good up to a limit:)

Noor Anand ChawlaPosted on11:18 pm - Apr 28, 2019

So true!

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