Are you a “Cyberchrondriac?” or a “Script kiddie?”


Are you a “Cyberchrondriac?” or a “Script kiddie?”

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I am sure most of us have heard of the term “hyperchrondriac”. A “hyperchrondriac” is a person who is excessively worried about their health and imagines any minor ailment as a major health concern. Combine this feeling with today’s Internet usage and we have a “cyberchrondriac”!

A “cyberchrondriac” is a person who is guilty of combing the Internet for any or more information about their health concerns. They read various things on the Internet about the minor symptoms that they may have and imagine that they have a terrible disease. With more and  more medical terms and information freely available on the Internet, we all become “cyberchrondriacs” at one time or the other. Their medical ailments may be unfounded or real – but they definitely add to the misery of doctors who are trying to diagnose the real problem. Best option for all “cyberchrondriacs” is to seek medical advice right away and not do a lot of medical research on the Internet…

Script kiddies:

The Internet is our oyster now. We can do anything and everything with its might.We can crack, cook, code, learn and more with the Internet… then why not “hack”? Those looking to hack into websites can learn a great deal by a single minded effort to learn malicious things online. This is where “script kiddies” step in…

‘Script kiddies’ is the name given to newbie hackers. These newbie hackers are not professional hackers and have not perfected the art of ‘hacking’. ‘Script kiddies’ are those who have learnt to hack by reading various articles and publications and watching several online videos on hacking. They also steal other people’s code as they lack enough programming knowledge to wield an attack. In spite of the fact that they are “professional hackers” in the making, their attacks still do affect the majority of users in an equally harmful way. ‘Script kiddies’ do all this and more for the excitement of it and to get joyous bragging rights.

This post saw a definition of a few terms on the Information security front…Stay tuned for more technical updates..



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