Video or Text?


Video or Text?

I am sure this question might have appeared in other forums – but after writing innumerable blog posts, I am always curious as to what should be the apt medium of communication for creating blog posts. Should it be videos or should it be plain text to get the point across? I am not going to be using any marketing terminology 🙂 …but rather a layman content writer’s viewpoint…

Let us see the pros and cons of each type.



  1. The most obvious point of videos is that we get to see “how things are done”(esp in cooking and coding videos)
  2.  What is likely expressed in 1000 words can be explained clearly by 2-3 minutes of good video
  3. Coding videos, cooking videos are excellent for this

While videos seem to be “in-thing” and every concept seems to be having a video, there are a few cons as well.


  1. Most often than not, I find the videos to be dragging with the introduction, who it is good for etc etc rather than getting to the meatier portion of the subject
  2. Not all subjects fall into the ‘video creation’ category and making videos for such subjects will will only make you waste time and effort
  3. It is a possibility that even in these days of enhanced Internet speeds, the video might not download quickly enough
  4. As a developer, I can safely say making videos is a lot of “hard work” 🙂

Text Content:

Next we will have a look at the pros and cons of ‘text content’.


  1. It is much easier to write on a topic(at least for me!)
  2. It will get downloaded faster for sure
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  1. Some topics might not be adequately expressed by means of writing alone
  2. “Text” only content might be difficult to understand

As a user, what are your thoughts on this – do you prefer videos or written text?

While I personally, don’t have the patience to look at videos and grasp the whole idea and prefer a write-up, I understand that certain things are expressed better through videos(like coding, “how-to” videos and so on)

In conclusion, making a video or doing a write-up is entirely dependent on the subject. If the subject demands a video/write-up it is good to make one appropriately. Sometimes, a combination or different strategies might be needed to get the point across effectively. 

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