The toughest job in the world…


The toughest job in the world…

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I think most women might know it and most men might have guessed it too… πŸ™‚ 

Every job is nerve racking and highly demanding with its timings and different styles of working but this one job demands you to be a super juggler and the stakeholders in this career tug at your heart strings more! πŸ™‚ 


The transformation:

Right from the time when the child/children enter a woman’s life, her life is totally transformed a complete 180 degrees! It is amazing how one’s life goes from being a totally in-control life to a super busy life(really, that kind of ‘busy’ has to be only experienced!!) by a small human being who might be only approximately 21 inches long! This transformation of course, is forever, and will last a life time and beyond.

And for first time mothers, in spite of what you have read and re-read from all mom’s diaries, and all mom-preparations, the surprise might be huge! πŸ™‚ (not to scare any first time moms, though)

From raising a child from a new born baby to adulthood, each stage requires different skills and patience. 

The chaos:

Let us look at one chaotic situation in a mother’s life:

While kid #1, demands attention in homework, kid #2, would have injured herself terribly at school demanding an immediate doctor consultation. In all possibilities, it might just be dinner time and food might be half cooked on the stove and hey… the husband might be travelling too! πŸ˜‰ (Now, isn’t this a fine example of a mother juggling all the duties by herself) 

And if you are in the western world, you can add a fine hint of disaster weather to above menu too( a snowstorm might be a distinct possibility!! :()

Chaotic situation #2:

I am sure most mothers have faced this. When kid #1 falls sick with fever, cold, vomiting etc etc, in all possibilities , kid #2 will be down too and that too after a few days. It might spread to other family members and seeing the doctor becomes the norm!

Re-entering the work force:

Let us look at the mothers and work too. Now, most mothers are well educated and most “were” working before they became “moms”. Trying to get back to work, is a thought most mothers have at the back of their mind.

Most new mothers take a short/long breaks in view of motherhood. Some might think of taking a short break which might become a looong break! While getting back to work is much easier in India(or in your own home country) because of the excellent support system(grandparents, cooks, maids, baby sitters, drivers etc) In the US, it is mostly the grandparents who are the most trusted “baby sitters” (or “daycare” if you have the heart to put them in one)when the kids are young.

And even after re-entering the workforce after a while, many women choose careers based on their kids schedule rather than their own qualification or  experience(odd, but true!) Many mother’s do not opt for the same corporate grind…(while there are some exceptional women who do that – and hats off to them!! :))

In spite of everything, it is a beautiful profession and I love the toughest job in the world!! πŸ™‚

And as I conclude, I am reminded of the saying “God could not be everywhere, so he made mothers!”! 





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