Theme Reveal – A to Z Challenge 2019!


Theme Reveal – A to Z Challenge 2019!

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I had participated in the A to Z challenge hosted by Blogchatter last year and it was awesome! This year around, as the news was buzzing around – I knew I would be participating again… why – because I enjoyed writing and reading!! 🙂 Last year my theme was technical posts along with personal thoughts…

This year, as the day of theme reveal drew near, I was still racking my brains on a theme… there was “this” thought, then there was “that” thought…finally, I think I may have figured what my theme will be…there will be technical posts infused with personal thoughts – but my personal thoughts will border on proverbs that touched me in my life.


So, keep me motivated by reading and commenting on my posts! 🙂 

See you on the sunny side of April!! 🙂

Note: ‘A to Z challenge’ is when we write posts for each letter of the English alphabet – as an example , ‘A’ for authentication, ‘B’ for biometrics and so on…

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Sonia ChatterjeePosted on8:10 am - Mar 19, 2019

This is something that I am going to look forward to because I am quite bad at anything technical. All the best Jayanthi

NamrathaPosted on12:18 am - Mar 20, 2019

It will be interesting to find out how you couple the two. See you in April Jayanthi

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