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Social media security!

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Continuously toying with a new idea for the technical blog post for several weeks, I couldn’t help but post about “Social media security” finally!

We live in an era where “sharing is caring” and the more we share with our friends and well wishers, the happier we are. Contrast this is to the time, when snail mail was sent and received only in  totally sealed envelopes that nobody could see! As times have changed and social media plays a huge role in most of our lives for different reasons, it is but necessary to adopt some safety standards as we share and care.

As an ardent follower of Information security practices I see how simple data sharing can potentially open the doors for invisible hackers. My InfoSec brain is, tuned and wired differently and I see social media broadcasts in a totally different way! This post lists certain vulnerabilities that social media presents and some common ways to avoid it.

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