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There were kids playing in the house. There were many others playing outside too. There were screams, yells, laughs and roars.

But he found a way to be away from it all, reading a book in the corner of the house. It was not a story book. It was a technical book!  He could be sitting in any crowded place, be observant and be quiet. Most of the time, his head would be down engrossed in a book. Or if he was at home he would be by himself playing the keyboard.

Even when he was alone with his mother at home, not a word would be uttered. The mother would feel the silence and the quietness. How could anyone be this quiet, was her thought all the time?! 🙂 She was never that way…

It was quite interesting that even the chattiest person when seated with him would become quiet 🙂 …was this even possible?  If the dictionary described the word “quiet”, he epitomised it…

He could talk amazingly well but it was not his personality to be a spontaneous talker. He could respond perfectly to questions asked to him. Inspite of being so ‘quiet’ it was not like he was not listening to things around him. He was a great and fantastic listener… but he was extremely reticent by nature. 

Who was this boy, who gave the word “quiet” such a huge spotlight?! It is my son!! 🙂

For Bala – on his 17th birthday!! 🙂