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There were kids playing in the house. There were many others playing outside too. There were screams, yells, laughs and roars.

But he found a way to be away from it all, reading a book in the corner of the house. It was not a story book. It was a technical book!  He could be sitting in any crowded place, be observant and be quiet. Most of the time, his head would be down engrossed in a book. Or if he was at home he would be by himself playing the keyboard.

Even when he was alone with his mother at home, not a word would be uttered. The mother would feel the silence and the quietness. How could anyone be this quiet, was her thought all the time?! 🙂 She was never that way…

It was quite interesting that even the chattiest person when seated with him would become quiet 🙂 …was this even possible?  If the dictionary described the word “quiet”, he epitomised it…

He could talk amazingly well but it was not his personality to be a spontaneous talker. He could respond perfectly to questions asked to him. Inspite of being so ‘quiet’ it was not like he was not listening to things around him. He was a great and fantastic listener… but he was extremely reticent by nature. 

Who was this boy, who gave the word “quiet” such a huge spotlight?! It is my son!! 🙂

For Bala – on his 17th birthday!! 🙂 

Jayanthi Manikandan has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from India and a Master’s degree in Information systems with a specialization in Information security from Detroit, MI, USA.

She has been passionate about Information security and has several years of experience writing on various technical topics. Additionally, she loves to pen a few personal thoughts here as well! 🙂