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The ‘Interview’….

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Several years ago, a young lady wearing a salwar kameez, walked into a quiet place in a hesitant way. The environment was fairly formal and the people in the place made her feel quite warm and comfortable. This was the first time she was meeting them.

Her father had already hinted that this might not be the usual type of conversation. After the initial formalities, the conversation shifted its focus towards the real reason why she was there.

The interview process:

She was working in a computer training center then and the leading person in the situation asked a few questions along  these lines:

  1. “What computer language had she studied while she was in college?”
  2. ” What computer language did she teach now?”
  3.  “Was the concept of pointers in ‘C’ really hard?”

If you think, this was a technical interview, think again!

     There were also other non-technical questions such as:

  1. “Why was she not wearing any gold bangles – did she not like jewellery?”(all from first impression! :))(True – She had never liked gold jewellery!)
  2. “How would she like her future husband to be?”
  3. “Did she like to have an arranged marriage or love marriage?”

   I am not sure whether you are able to figure out the lead questioner in the above conversation…. it was a would-be father-in-law and a would-be daughter-in-law having a conversation! πŸ™‚




How did it happen?

Contrary to most other ways of getting married in India, this couple got married in a novel way. The parents, sister and the girl were called for an appointment to meet the prospective groom’s family! By a strange turn of events, they marched right into their house without thinking twice(normally, it is the groom’s family that marches into the girls house!)  The would-be father-in law, mother-in-law and the groom’s grand mother were all present and the casual interview began!! πŸ™‚

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Only one obvious  person asked the questions – while the two other members remained silent. A person of excellent mathematical and computer skills, it was not easy to get past the would-be father-in-law’s questioning. Word had it that he could crack integration problems with ease even at his age!

Most of the questions that he asked(like love/arranged marriage etc and the many technical computer questions absolutely threw the girl off! – who would go for a wedding discussion and answer questions about pointers in ‘C’?!! :)) It was the frankness and outspokenness of the father-in-law and the girl’s ability to answer them boldly that really sealed the interview. 

The girl did crack the interview because she did marry the boy just a few months later! πŸ™‚

And no prizes for trying to identify the characters in the above story! πŸ™‚