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Myths about the US

As I start my writing again, I gravitate towards my pet topic of India and US again! πŸ™‚

As I see the numbers swell outside the US Consulate to obtain a US visa, I recollect some of the myths that we dealt with when we were stepping into the US(many,many years ago!)

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  1. Rosy dream starts right away? Nope, the rosy dreamy takes time and patience… πŸ™‚ I hear so much about people getting paid much better in US than in India – but that might not be true immediately. If you are in high demand states like California or New York in high demand professions like IT, it may be a possibility. But everybody goes through a settling phase of a new employer, new country, new prices , new car and so on. So, the magical six figure salary in US dollars might not arrive instantly for all.
  2. Cost of living in US is much higher than in India. Period. πŸ™‚
  3. Even though we feel that “everybody” from India is in the US, the fact is that we cannot see “everybody” or “anybody” since everybody is in a different state and going from state to state to meet anybody/everybody is not feasible. So, in all possibilities you will see “everybody” in India, only! πŸ™‚
  4. Will you earn better if you have a US degree? Nope, there too. It has always been the economics concept of ‘supply vs demand’ that has brought Indian professionals to the US. If you have the right skills that are in demand currently in the US, you don’t need a US degree to validate your experience(although pursuing higher education in the US is a delight πŸ™‚ and a higher degree might prove beneficial later on in the career)
  5. Are jobs stable in the US? Nope, again! πŸ™‚ Just as software professionals get paid astronomically they get laid off easily too. After all what is a company to do – when they themselves are sinking? And with immigration policies constantly changing, jobs are never a certainty. In addition, professionals ‘on the bench’ waiting for the next project is also a reality.
  6. “Can I start studying immediately?” might be another thought for those on dependent visas. Pursuing higher education in US is a wonderful experience but it does pinch the pockets. In order to pay for your graduate education, you may have to work as a research assistant or teaching assistant or do other eligible jobs(within visa conditions) Bottom line, US education is good but not cheap.
  7. Professionals get paid according to their location – it might not be so evident in India – but it is in the US. If you make $50K in Georgia, you need $81K in San Diego, California!!  For more information on cost of living calculators in the US, visit this link (Source: http://money.cnn.com/calculator/pf/cost-of-living/index.html)
  8. Health insurance is  an absolute necessity for all members of the family and for all visiting family members too. It can be quite tricky too. When living abroad, pray that you never fall seriously sick. Not only will you not have enough moral support, the physical support will be missing as well.
  9. Is driving hard in the US? Nope – on the other hand, it is quite a pleasure πŸ™‚ One will definitely enjoy the perfectly regulated traffic and lane discipline. I know, I did! πŸ™‚
  10. And lastly the spouses of those on H1 visas and F1 visas cannot work. This can be a real bummer particularly for women who were actively working in India.

Once you are done with all the ups and downs of finding the perfect employer and perfect place to live along with a good community, living in the US will be a dream come true! πŸ™‚ (at least for a couple of years!)



The pitter-patter of rain drops. Seeing water in liquid form throughout the year. The sight of frogs jumping around. Seeing a double rainbow in the sky. Hearing the birds chirping throughout the year. Seeing millions of pigeons and parrots outside my window. Seeing honeycombs hanging from my balcony. Seeing the blue sky everyday. Having the sun rise and set at the same time throughout the year.

Traffic trying to move in an totally unregulated manner.  Competition being real. Great history. Lots of festivals to celebrate in an authentic way. Lots of shopping places. Lots of ‘pattu saris’ πŸ™‚ Lots of color. Lots of variety. Lots of people. Lots of family. Lots of family functions. And even more friends. And never a dull or lonely moment. Full of life and cheer and a simple life!

Where was I? India!! πŸ™‚ 

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Thinking of returning to India? Here is the best place to return to….

It has been a couple(or is it several?) years that you have lived abroad… you have soaked in the customs and traditions of a foreign country. You left India as a single person but you are married now and have kids. You may have procured higher education , had a successful career, may have bought a house in a foreign land and all immigration issues must have been sorted out. You have achieved all of life’s goals when staying abroad… what’s next, is the perplexing question? If you are thinking of moving to India…. read on…

For those that have made up their mind to move to India(with the mind and heart fully synchronized and with no confusion and after getting the assent from all members of the family!)  and those who are tired of searching for ‘India in US’, Bangalore or Bengaluru is the best place to return to(in my opinion)… why?

  1.  Unlike, other states of India, Bengaluru is language neutral. English, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and every Indian language is spoken and welcomed here. Hindi, Kannada are easily understood for those relying on any form of public transportation like Ola,Uber, Auto, Buses etc. (The language parameter is a huge factor when returning back. While the northern tier states rely mostly on Hindi and Southern tier states rely each on their own language, being language neutral brings a smile to any Indian from any part of India!)
  2. The weather in Bengaluru is fantastic when compared to other parts of the country and in fact other parts of the world! Mild winters and summers and a pleasant climate throughout the year are the greatest perks of living in the ‘garden city’.
  3. Bengaluru boasts of a good blend of Western and Eastern cultures. From having a variety of international cuisines to international schools, we have it all! πŸ™‚ The International schools follow IGSCE or IB curriculum enabling the NRI students to adjust better. 
  4.  Many international schools follow the American calendar system(having school from September to June) and also foreign boards to facilitate expat children’s education.  These schools are also good for Indians who are returning after a long foreign stint wondering whether they will readjust back to India or not(they can always run back! :))
  5. A return to any place is only feasible if there is a suitable job opening and finding a job is never a task in Bengaluru(though I have never been able to find an apt one!! :)) Bengaluru, being India’s ‘Silicon Valley’ is always host to a number of openings in the tech sector(in which the majority of the Indians are employed) and other sectors too. This enables the majority of returnees to find suitable careers.
  6. Cost of living is low when compared to foreign countries  and this a huge plus too(of course, it is still higher when compared to other Indian cities) 
  7. The different festivals of India and the world are celebrated in Bengaluru with the same authenticity and cheer. Be it Ugadi, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Diwali, Lohri, Pongal – all the festivals are celebrated with the same gaiety and cheer!

Living in such a cosmopolitan culture, enables one to get the best of the West and the East! πŸ™‚ and easily the best place to return to…. 


Why does each state of India have a separate language?

Well, almost, each state…

And sometimes, I feel like I am answering questions on Quora… πŸ™‚ but I love to find answers for questions like these.

Now let us try to answer the question, first though some introduction. Each of the four(or is it five states, now?) southern states of India – Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka each have a separate language and there are other local dialects too… (amazing, isn’t it?! :))The Northern states mostly adhere to Hindi. The western state of Gujarat has Gujarati as its language and the eastern states of India have their own languages (Assamese, Bengali etc) India is stated to home to 23 official languages and another 1650 languages!! (can you imagine?)

India might be the only country in the world or one of the few countries that has so many languages. No sooner do we drive 5-6 hours(roughly – not perfect here) in India , are we in another state with a different language and entirely different customs and traditions. 


But how did so many languages come into existence in India? 

India is an old country with rich traditions and customs. It is shaped by a beautiful history from the Mughal empire, Ashoka empire, Hoysala empire and so on.  As each dynasty left, they carved out beautiful traditions and new languages. It mixed with local languages and new dialects must have been born. This might have passed down generations and ultimately that became the language of a particular area of land… till a new dynasty came to power. This is my thought to this question – what is yours?

The reason that the languages stayed for so many years and it is still living:

The only answer that came to my mind was that we could not move as much(new forms of transportation like cars, bikes, boats, air travel have been achieved only of late) – so the languages that mushroomed stayed where they were. Moving from one place to another is a chore even in this day and age – imagine how it would have been several years ago. 

So, if Tamil was spoken in the state of Tamil Nadu and if people could not move much, they stayed there and propagated the language there alone. The same might be the case for other languages too. This has been continuing till date and the beautiful languages of India have stayed, grown and have continued to embellish our lives!