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Health is wealth

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When we are young, health is never an issue(in most cases atleast!) We have the normal growing pains and we get the same cold, cough, fever, allergies etc etc But as we age and our school days and college days give way to career ways and matrimony – we get caught in an interesting cycle. Family pressure, work pressure, stress from all quarters and our ability/inability to handle them brings new diseases into our life. Many are life style diseases and some are passed down to us from our parents/grandparents too! 🙂

While most diseases go away after a while(even the more serious ones) or we learn to manage them(any which way – exercise, medicines, will power, mental strength) it is just the journey of undergoing the process(from diagnosing the disease, to the various tests, to treatment and beyond) that totally exhaust us. 

There is no greater saying than this proverb “Health is wealth” according to me…we can be “aggressive”, “smart”, “intelligent”, “greatest multi-tasker” and every other positive adjective in the world – but it all comes from having one thing in our life – “good health”. If this “good health” is taken away from us – everything else vanishes with it. We focus all our energies on curing the disease that rids us(or any other loving person who gets it) and this truly shakes our foundations and all our beliefs. The way we handle things when “health” is taken away from us is true “strength”.

Proactive health management:

With so much importance riding on our health, what better thing to do than being proactively healthy? Though none of us are perfect, we can still do a few things to keep ourselves healthy:

  1. Eat well without too much of junk(of course, we do allow the taste buds to take over once in a while! :))
  2. Exercise everyday
  3. Learn something new every month 
  4. Try to be positive most of the time
  5. Have a good social life
  6. Laugh 🙂

I am no angel and I do fail to do most of the things that I have listed 🙂 – but these tips will surely keep some health woes out of our way for some time at least!! 

Wealth is an absolute necessity in life – but without “health” – how will you make “wealth”?

This post is for alphabet ‘H’ for the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge. The previous post can be found here.