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Empowering women

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I cannot think of a better word for the alphabet ‘E’ than “empowering women”. In a world, where girls play second fiddle to boys and boys are always the wanted “gender” – it is crucial to empower the girls. 

Growing up in conservative state(of course, most of India is conservative with the exception of the metros) of Tamil Nadu, studying Computer engineering(a long time ago! :)) was a big thing(that was empowering for those days)

What does empowering really mean? It seems that this word has been thrown around quite a bit. While empowering women and girls might mean different things to different people, my only thought is to “let women and girls do what they want in life” after teaching them good values. It is the thought of protecting girls(by the parents, husband) that leads to not empowering them adequately.

Because, I have always heard girls say

  1. That they were allowed to study – but only in some place close by
  2. That they were not allowed to study
  3. That they were allowed to study but not allowed to work(what if the man who married her sat and ate her earnings?! ;))
  4. That they “have” to work(this is the other extreme!!)
  5. That they are not allowed to drive
  6. And there are million other “don’t do this and don’t do that” rules for girls and women…. 


 So, how will we empower them?

  1. To start off, it is good to give them the best education in the college and in the field they would like to study. At least, the opportunity should be given. 
  2. The next step will be to make them financially independent. Having a career for themselves will make them mentally and physically strong.  Of course, once motherhood comes along, it is difficult to juggle between work and home and the decision to continue the career or not should be best left to the girl herself. 

So, what are the advantages of empowering the women?

  1. They are more confident 
  2. Can handle life in case, any calamity falls on the family
  3. With today’s soaring prices, it is always good to have two incomes instead of one…

Again, my thoughts on the subject!! 😉

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