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Digital Detox

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With most of us(or is it ‘all’ of us?!) being being plugged onto electronic devices like cell phones, laptops, tablets, IPads all the time, it is but necessary that we need a ‘digital detox’ from time to time.  What is a ‘Digital Detox’ you may ask…well, read on to find out more…


What is ‘Digital detox’?

‘Digital Detox’ is when we divorce all our digital assets and keep away from it at least for a day in a month.

Is anything even possible without our smartphone and the countless apps that are on it? From bill payments, to booking tickets and ordering groceries – there is an app for everything and we are completely dependent on them.

Considering that social media rules our life, and we are always in a crouched position at any place in life(it maybe the grocery store, in the car, in India – we are in a crouched position even in our scooters!) it could also mean keeping away from Facebook, Whatsapp,Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter etc.

It will also mean keeping away from emails and not responding to the millions of emails that clutter our office work space. 

What are its simple advantages?

Giving our self a ‘digital detox’ will definitely help us in the following ways:

  1. To sleep better
  2. To connect with people the old fashioned way
  3. The compulsive urge to ‘like’ and respond to queries immediately will diminish
  4. Kids will imitate their parents and they will be less digitally dependent too
  5. One will lead a much more healthier life without an app tracking every step of theirs
  6. Others will get used to the ‘digital detox’ routine too!

And most importantly dropping less digital bits about us(at least for a day!) all around the virtual world which is probably the greatest advantage that a digital detox will give us!

How do we do it?

  1. Keep the smartphones away for a day
  2. Do not check messages or update statuses on any social media platforms
  3. Keep the laptops, tablets, iPads away for a day too
  4. Do not check email messages or respond to them under any circumstances

Why not try it today? 🙂