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Identity chaos

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As I was toying with my next topic for my technical post in Information security, I bumped into this concept called ‘Identity chaos’ – my curiosity was piqued and well, I wrote about it instantly! 🙂 So, here goes:

As reminded by several security professionals, a good password is one that has a combination of:

  1. Upper case letters
  2. Lower case letters
  3. Numerals
  4. Special characters
  5. Be a minimum of 8 characters in length

All security practitioners constantly remind you to follow these tips diligently to protect yourself from hacks and breaches. Now when users finally condescend and start following these rules, each of the websites they visit must be given a new password.

Next comes the real test. They have to remember the password the very next day or so.

Now assume they visit website1 and begin typing the password:  xyZ123! and success! – they have logged in!

                                     They visit website2 and type the password:  XyZ324! and success again and they are logged in again !

                                     They visit website3 and try typing the password….only to realise that they have forgotten the password :

“Was it xyZ123 that was the password?” OR

“Was it XYZ!123 that was the password?!!” OR

“Was it an entirely different combination?!!” 

They are totally confused and frantically try the different password combinations….till they get locked out!! 

    Sounds familiar? This is “identity chaos” or “password fatigue“!!

When a user tries to remember the different password combinations for different website logins when they forget it, is known as “identity chaos” or “password fatigue”!!

This post for alphabet ‘I’ of the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge. The previous post can be found here.