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Should I or shouldn’t I?

After having written about the ‘Beauty of life in India’    and the reasons why we returned to India, I thought it would be a good idea to put the reverse into perspective too.

Most of the students in colleges all across in India (undergraduate or post graduate education) are always wondering the same thing throughout their education – “Should I go abroad for higher education/career option or not?” This has been an age old dilemma for those in their early 20s. They see their friends and seniors make the decision and they wonder if they should also pursue the same opportunity too. Some are able to make the decision quickly and have everything beautifully crafted out. They have written their GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and have their college admissions,scholarships, assistantships,visas  and financial details neatly ironed out.  Still others, might have offer letters and visas from prospective companies in their hand with great joy! 

For others, it is still a very confusing decision. While new lands seem to hold promising new opportunities, one is still not able to come to a concrete decision. Of course, while the decision is entirely yours and yours alone, some of my personal thoughts on this:

  1. It is fun to travel and see new places! 🙂
  2. It is always to good to explore new opportunities(education, career) particularly in the 20s with new educational institutions and employers
  3. Travel does broaden one’s horizons and we do get to know the different viewpoints in different continents
  4. We become more “family independent” (all said and done – staying within one’s family circle in one’s own country makes us all dependent on each other)
  5. We understand the meaning of financial independence too(managing finances in a foreign country where the cost of things is exactly the reverse of the home country is interesting! :))
  6. It is nice to experience the cutting edge technology of most things
  7. We also get to meet new friends, new food, new festivals, new experiences!(what is not to like?! :))
  8. And last but not least, every experience enhances us and better not let an opportunity to travel abroad slip by!

But given the chance and opportunity and everything else is fine and the stars are perfectly aligned for a stint abroad, do it today! 🙂 You will enjoy the experience…. 🙂

On a side note, I am sure there are plenty of other reasons like health conditions of family members or financial constraints or any other reason for one to not move abroad. 

Again my two cents thought on the topic! 😉


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Jayanthi Manikandan has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from India and a Master’s degree in Information systems with a specialization in Information security from Detroit, MI, USA.

She has been passionate about Information security and has several years of experience writing on various technical topics. Additionally, she loves to pen a few personal thoughts here as well! 🙂