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The online world unfortunately is not a fun place as it seems. There are other types of people around too seeking to grab credit card numbers, bank account numbers, steal pictures of children and/or any personal data that is floating around. 

Let us assume that you would like to visit a website, (a fictitional website) What happens when you visit and do a bit shopping and submit your bank account details or any other personal details only to realize after a day – that the website that you visited was actually a fake one? 

This type of attack is known as ‘Pharming’. ‘Pharming’ is done by modifying the victim’s file or by a more complicated technique known as ‘DNS poisoning’. 

To protect oneself:

The best way to protect oneself from ‘Pharming’ attacks is to:

  1. install the latest version of anti-virus software
  2. Apply the patches as and when posted
  3. Associating one-self with a good ISP
  4. When making payments ensure that SSL(secure sockets layer) is enabled for the website
  5. Keeping with the latest in the security field(where are the breaches, what was stolen, what is the newest type of attack)
  6. And keeping ears and eyes open! 🙂

We have seen yet another concept of ‘Information security’ in this post.

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saba irfanPosted on12:41 am - Sep 15, 2018

i never knew anything about this term. thanks for the information.

☆Novemberschild☆ (@romspeaks)Posted on3:52 pm - Sep 17, 2018

Never heard this term before. Gained new knowledge today.

VarshPosted on4:53 pm - Sep 17, 2018

Thanks for explaining this term to me. With proper care and precautions it can easily be avoided. Like you said, keeping eyes and ears open is important.

Anagha YatinPosted on7:39 pm - Sep 17, 2018

On line shopping though provides ease of home buying, is high on risk. Thanks for clarifying the “Pharming” method of on line frauds. Being aware is always the first step to being safe.

Sitharaam JayakumarPosted on9:00 pm - Sep 17, 2018

Being a software professional your short post is of immense interest to me. It is indeed important to keep your data secure.

Alpana DeoPosted on2:08 am - Sep 18, 2018

Another impressive and useful post Jayanthi. I never heard of this term. but its really scary how we submit our details and it can tun out to be something like this.
#MothersGurukulreads #Myfriendalexa

Ruchi VermaPosted on12:55 pm - Sep 18, 2018

Such an informative post

Pragnya MishraPosted on4:59 pm - Sep 18, 2018

Every time I come across your blog I learn something new. Data security is vital.

LavanyaPosted on6:54 pm - Sep 18, 2018

Very useful post. What’s your opinion on avast and other free anti viral software?

Nayantara HegdePosted on12:26 pm - Sep 19, 2018

I’ve seen the word pharming on mailers from my bank. but did not know what it meant. your post was very helpful.

IramPosted on1:43 pm - Sep 23, 2018

Your blog is an Enlightment . Was unaware of so much privacy threats in this online world.

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