What is life without friends? :)

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I couldn’t think of a better personal blog post title on this day, the 6th of August, 2017, “Friendship day”! 🙂  Human beings being such social creatures,  we cannot get enough of our friends all through our life. How would life be with nobody to pour our sorrows out, nobody to take part in our happiness, nobody to understand us, nobody to stand by us… it would be a total nightmare in my opinion!

My life has been revolving around my friends circle from the time I was young. I am sure that is the case for most of you reading this too… 🙂 I, for one will be like a “boat without a rudder” if I had no friends…



There are school friends, college friends, colleagues from work who also turned into friends and so on. With social media in full swing, it is not difficult to find old friends and re-energize old relationships.

I cannot get into all the ‘friendship quotes’ as they sound very cliched, but ‘friendship’ is one of the best relationships of life.  It is always nice to have somebody to talk to about anything under the sun!  There is the friendly chatter about absolutely nonsensical stuff and then there are the serious conversations too 🙂 The “friend” is there when the sun shines or the rain pours – at this point I cannot help but think about the ‘Friends’ sitcom, that so aptly played out the relationships among friends.

So, here’s to all my friends all over the world and all friends all over the world for making this world a much more happier place! 🙂


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