How did I become a writer?

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“You are an engineer and you are a writer?” I used to see a lot of puzzled looks with these thoughts, all around me initially! (For those who don’t know me personally or even on a business level – I have a Computer Science(from long ago!) and a M.S. in Information systems from US)

There are a lot of wonderful blogs and great writing all around, but for me, getting into writing was quite accidental.  I have always  been associated with the field of Computer Science and have always dabbled as a teacher, trainer before motherhood came along the way. Soon, career and Computer Science took a back seat as I focused more on the ‘ABC’s 🙂

Once the kids grew, I needed something to rejuvenate my career and what better way than to equip oneself with a higher degree! This started my journey in higher education in the US. Anyone, who has done their undergraduate, graduate studies in the US would definitely know the number of papers that we write in our program. The very first paper that I wrote was… er… the less said about it, the better! 🙂 As the program continued and we were churning out papers by the day, it was soon evident that I had gotten the hang of writing. I definitely enjoyed it and observed others more, for writing even better. There were stellar writers who wrote technical topics with ease.



Soon, I graduated with a M.S. and I was looking for suitable assignments to fit my “work-life” balance. Long commutes, late evenings were a big “no-no”! 🙂  Moving to India, made me realize that the job hunting scenario here was quite different. I was looking at the job market in India and was looking for jobs in two of my favorite areas Java and Information Security.  A year went by and there was nothing  that was fitting my ideal job description…(my husband calls me “picky” :))

Finally… :

At long last, I finally got an email from a person who was interested in me creating technical material for him(I had no idea that writing was even a profession at that time!)

“Would I be able to do it?”

I was eager for any break and agreed totally in the affirmative! 🙂

He did teach me all the nitty grittys of remote working and the technical writing industry. It didn’t go all well initially and my first business encounter was a disaster for them.  But this person did give me a second chance and well….I have been writing to this day…(it must be noted that I have never met this person till today!)


To the person who gave me a second chance:

Thank you! 🙂

I have written for various organizations and now have my very own blog too. My blogs have changed texture from being technical to personal…but I enjoy them all! 🙂 I am not sure whether I will be a writer all my life but it it has been a good journey so far…

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Neha SharmaPosted on4:10 pm - Sep 12, 2018

Such stories of becoming a writer always bring the motivation to the lost soul. So thoughtful of you for dedicating this post to the one who gave you another chance. Sometimes, all that we need is a second chance but not everyone is as lucky as you. Loved reading your story of becoming a writer. Looking to read more!

Mayuri NidigalluPosted on2:56 pm - Sep 17, 2018

Good to know of your journey from an Engineer to a Writer. Keep writing, best wishes.

anupriyaPosted on9:50 am - Sep 18, 2018

I loved the last statement. Well I guess it stands true for all those who are in bloggin and writing for passion sake. We are here, while we enjoy. But who knows how things will turn, once we find another passions.

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