Palm tree fruit


Palm tree fruit

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Have you seen a small jelly like fruit sold by street vendors with a delicious taste? This is the  ‘Palm fruit’, Palm tree fruit’ or ‘Nongu’ (in Tamil) found mostly in Southern Tamil Nadu. During all my years in the US, I sorely missed this tropical fruit! I am sure it is available in other places too – with their unique names . The ‘Palm fruit’ grows on the ‘Palm tree’. 

So, what is this Palm fruit?

It is a jelly like fruit which is housed inside a black shell and is absolutely heavenly! This tropical fruit is a natural cooler and is one of the best and natural fruits to beat the raging summer heat.  The black shell houses three ‘palm fruits’. The shell can be broken with a sickle and the delicious fruit is taken outside. There is a white skin which has to be removed and viola! the jelly fruit is here to be relished! 🙂

The above picture shows the palm fruit with and without their skins.

How should the Palm fruit be consumed?

The delicious fruit can be consumed as is or can be made into a ‘kheer’. It can also be blended with the ‘king of fruits'(mango) to give the taste buds an even better experience! 🙂

So, if possible, try this tropical delicacy and enjoy summer with natural coolers!

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Maheshwaran JothiPosted on11:45 pm - Apr 18, 2018

Yes, the most healthy fruit… and we miss those padaneer too. Getting difficult to source in these days… nice post

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