• Captcha!

    Have a look at the image below: Are you squinting and trying to hard to figure what is written in the phrase below? This was the ‘Captcha’ phrase that was used to differentiate between ‘humans’ and ‘bots’. This has been slowly replaced by the new ‘reCaptcha’. Before we get into the details of the ‘reCaptcha’ more

  • Defense in depth

    Each year we hear of numerous security breaches or incidents. Name any organization/social media site and there is a possibility, that you too would have received a message “that there was a security breach but your information may have been compromised or your information is safe”. Given the magnanimity of today’s security scenario, wherein even non-security professionals more

  • Tails

    We are constantly leaving a large digital footprint while we are moving around the virtual world. These digital footprints cause privacy conscious individuals(and other individuals with different purposes) to seek operating systems and browsers that give more anonymity. . ‘Tails’  ‘the amnesic incognito live system’  is synonymous with anonymous surfing and the perfect OS to more

  • DMZ

    Introduction: Ignorance may make us think that the Internet is a safe place – but the unseen forces that rule the Internet(such as hackers and other network detection tools) always seek to gain an entry into strategic business networks and home networks. The information security industry has borrowed the concept of ‘demilitarization’ from the army more

  • Ransomware

    What is Ransomware? Imagine logging onto your laptop one fine morning, checking mails and clicking on a few links and being confronted with this dialog:  

  • Security definitions

    As a newbie to the world of Information security, we are often bowled by the various security definitions that we encounter in various security posts. We will see the various security terms followed by an in-depth explanation of Vulnerability in this post.

  • CIA triad

    Security is an integral part of our digital ecosystem.  From simple tasks like installing anti-virus software on personal or professional systems, or ensuring that our systems are not hacked, or even more complicated tasks like pen-testing, security is omnipresent and is all pervasive.  Data warehousing, databases, social media or new kid on the block(like Big more

  • Hello!

    Welcome to my technical blog!