• Introduction to Bitcoins

    Even as the Bitcoin fork is making news, and there is  “Bitcoin” and  “Bitcoin cash” now, we will deal with the elementary aspects of “Bitcoin” and “Blockchain” in this post. “Bitcoin” first appeared in 2009, but they are much more prominent now, thanks be to better adoption by individuals and professionals. In this post, we more

  • Conflict Resolution at the Workplace

    Advances in Technology and Market Pressures have led to increasing expectations on growth and performance in our workplace. Expectations can rarely be met purely based on individual efforts. Successful accomplishment of organizational goals requires collaboration and team work. Goals have to be accomplished with a diverse workforce (based on age, culture, work-styles). This gives rise more

  • Definitions: What is “Deep web?”

    Coming close on the heels of my previous post –  “Dark web”, we will be defining “Deep web” in this blog post.  Similar to “Dark web“, the “Deep web” cannot be searched by traditional search engines as well. So, what is present in this “Deep web”, which sounds so similar to “Dark web”?  Here are more

  • Definitions: What is “Dark web”?

    “Dark web” which is not to be confused with “Deep web” is that part of the web which cannot be accessed by traditional search engines likes Google, Bing or Yahoo. In addition to this, it can only be accessed by special browsers like ‘Tor – the Onion router’ or ‘I2P'(Invisible Internet project). The “Tor router” more

  • Who talks more?

    ….Men or Women? 🙂 Yes – I know, I know –  the answer seems to be pretty obvious about who is more loquacious but still it piqued my interest to write about it… 🙂 However, it is to be noted – that there is no scientific reasoning behind my blog post – just  some honest more

  • Social media security!

    Continuously toying with a new idea for the technical blog post for several weeks, I couldn’t help but post about “Social media security” finally! We live in an era where “sharing is caring” and the more we share with our friends and well wishers, the happier we are. Contrast this is to the time, when more

  • Wireless security

    Look around you and you see everything has become wireless and more mobile than 10 years ago. Wireless technologies have seen increased growth as being tied to desktops, landline phones have become passé. We see laptops with Wi-Fi connectivity that gives one the ultimate freedom to do business or do casual browsing on the go. more

  • Why do we Tamilians not have a last name?

    Frankly, I have no idea!! 🙂 If you do please comment below… But I can share some thoughts regarding our first and last name business! While for most of the world specifying a first and last name is the easiest thing to do – it is not so for us who belong to one particular more

  • Intrusion Detection systems

      ‘Perimeter security’ is placing defenses around an organization’s perimeter thereby ensuring that an organization’s chances of being compromised are minimal. Some of the components that are used to ensure perimeter security are routers, VPN, IDS, IPS, firewalls and so on. We will see one type of perimeter security device the ‘IDS’ or ‘Intrusion Detection more

  • What is Steganography?

    Steganography is the procedure by which files or information can be transmitted secretly by embedding them in images or audio files. Cryptographic concepts can be used to supplement steganography by first encrypting the message and then hiding it in the image. For the ordinary user only an image is visible but to the sender and more