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ByJayanthi Aug 6, 2018

What are Smart Contracts?

'Smart Contracts' is a term that is often used in the Blockchain world. 'Smart Contracts are similar to legal contracts but are encoded in the 'B

ByJayanthi Jul 17, 2018


For those who would like to look deep into their networks and not just on the outside, "Wireshark - the network protocol analyzer," is the way to

ByJayanthi Jun 29, 2018

What is ‘Ripple’?

'Ripple' may be a totally unknown term to you or you know exactly what I am talking about - either way 'Ripple' is creating ripples! What is i

ByJayanthi Jun 15, 2018

Blockchain lingo!

 Blockchain, AI and machine learning are the latest buzzwords in the IT industry. Building a blockchain is also becoming a need for various