• India!

    The pitter-patter of rain drops. Seeing water in liquid form throughout the year. The sight of frogs jumping around. Seeing a double rainbow in the sky. Hearing the birds chirping throughout the year. Seeing millions of pigeons and parrots outside my window. Seeing honeycombs hanging from my balcony. Seeing the blue sky everyday. Having the sun rise and set at the same time throughout the year.

    Traffic trying to move in an totally unregulated manner.  Competition being real. Great history. Lots of festivals to celebrate in an authentic way. Lots of shopping places. Lots of ‘pattu saris’ 🙂 Lots of color. Lots of variety. Lots of people. Lots of family. Lots of family functions. And even more friends. And never a dull or lonely moment. Full of life and cheer and a simple life!

    Where was I? India!! 🙂 

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  • Hyperledger Composer

    Even as the Block chain technology is in its nascent stages and everybody is trying to understand it – there are organizations which have started collaborative efforts to harness the power of blockchain.  One such endeavor is the IBM Hyperledger open source project which is hosted by the Linux foundation to build blockchain applications efficiently and quickly. It is a “global collaboration” with entities from different sectors such as finance, retail, IoT, manufacturing included in it. 

    IBM Hyperledger Composer playground:

    The IBM Hyperledger Composer is a fast and efficient way of building block chain applications. While it normally takes a few months to build a blockchain for a business network, by means of the IBM Hyperledger Composer, the same can be achieved in a few weeks time.  It consists of a IBM Hyperledger Composer Playground to learn,build and test blockchains networks. 

    The IBM Hyperledger Composer playground is available  from this link. This post will give a high level view of the Hyperledger Composer playground. The Hyperledger composer playground runs inside a Docker container and can be installed and worked with in any of the two modes:

    a. a browser mode

    b. Hyperledger Fabric peer network

    There are three main actors in the Composer playground – Assets, Transactions and Participants.

    Assets – As we already seen, asset is anything that has value. It is the main part of the trade. Examples of assets can be car, house, patent 

    Transactions – Transactions are those events that we achieve with the ‘Assets’. For example, if ‘Car’ is an asset, ‘transferring’ car ownership might be a transaction.

    Participants – are the major actors who take part in the block chain business network. For example, the buyer and seller are participants.

    The Model(.cto file), script file(written in Javascript and holds the business logic) and access control(.acl file) files are appropriately configured. The business network is deployed. The network is tested by adding participants, assets and performing transactions. All transactions are recorded in the Block chain that we have created and can be viewed. 

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  • Go Green!!

    Even as we grumble about the different types of pollution, is is quite ironic to note that “we” are the cause of the pollution! We are the cause of the different types of pollution – air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution. The ocean is our greatest dumping ground. Everything from garbage, cartons, plastic, to untreated sewage water lands in the ocean. Pollution has taken epic proportions and the different types of pollution like air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution are set to control(or already controlling) our life.  Pollution has led to global warming which in turn again affects us directly. Let us see a few ways to reduce pollution and keep our planet green!


  • Four concepts of Blockchain

    Blockchain, the technology disrupter and the decentralized shared ledger has four important points that essentially define it. They are: Consensus, Immutability, Finality, Provenance. This blog post will define these four important concepts.


    Blockchain will be a game changer for the supply chain management system. The IBM business blog describes provenance as an “immutable audit trail of ownership & location as it changes over time” (Source: https://www.ibm.com/blogs/insights-on-business/government/proving-provenance-with-blockchain/) This audit trail promotes transparency that can never be achieved with traditional database systems.


  • Empowering women

    I cannot think of a better word for the alphabet ‘E’ than “empowering women”. In a world, where girls play second fiddle to boys and boys are always the wanted “gender” – it is crucial to empower the girls. 

    Growing up in conservative state(of course, most of India is conservative with the exception of the metros) of Tamil Nadu, studying Computer engineering(a long time ago! :)) was a big thing(that was empowering for those days)

    What does empowering really mean? It seems that this word has been thrown around quite a bit. While empowering women and girls might mean different things to different people, my only thought is to “let women and girls do what they want in life” after teaching them good values. It is the thought of protecting girls(by the parents, husband) that leads to not empowering them adequately.

    Because, I have always heard girls say

    1. That they were allowed to study – but only in some place close by
    2. That they were not allowed to study
    3. That they were allowed to study but not allowed to work(what if the man who married her sat and ate her earnings?! ;))
    4. That they “have” to work(this is the other extreme!!)
    5. That they are not allowed to drive
    6. And there are million other “don’t do this and don’t do that” rules for girls and women…. 


     So, how will we empower them?

    1. To start off, it is good to give them the best education in the college and in the field they would like to study. At least, the opportunity should be given. 
    2. The next step will be to make them financially independent. Having a career for themselves will make them mentally and physically strong.  Of course, once motherhood comes along, it is difficult to juggle between work and home and the decision to continue the career or not should be best left to the girl herself. 

    So, what are the advantages of empowering the women?

    1. They are more confident 
    2. Can handle life in case, any calamity falls on the family
    3. With today’s soaring prices, it is always good to have two incomes instead of one…

    Again, my thoughts on the subject!! 😉

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  • Detroit, MI

    It was a beautiful day in June when we moved to this new place. The weather was so awesome, that one might be belied into thinking that this is the norm throughout the year! One could freely travel anywhere outside without the traditional layering of clothes. All outdoor places were buzzing with activity. Parks and fairs saw life.  So, what was this awesome place? This was the ‘Motor city’ or Detroit, USA.


  • Caesar Cipher

    After having done a couple of posts on the Blockchain technology for the A2Z Blogchatter challenge, I have resumed my writing in the Information security field and a fun cipher called the ‘Caesar cipher’. But before we see what is Caesar cipher, let us have a brief understanding of Cryptography.

    From time immemorial, we are trying to make sure that important and crucial information is readable only by the right people once it has reached its destination. What if a crucial message falls into wrong hands and is read by them? This is prevented by making use of Cryptography and its various strategies.There are a number of ways(or technically called ‘ciphers’) to hide a message and the Caesar cipher is just one of them. This is done by encoding(converting to a special form) the information to be sent at the sender’s end and decoding(re-converting to original form) the information on the receiver’s end.


  • What is ‘Blockchain’?

    I have written quite a few posts on ‘Blockchain’ – but for the sake of continuity – here I go again!! 🙂 

    Blockchain is the distributed, shared ledger system with no central authority. We have all encountered ledgers in our lives. We have our own personal ledgers for keeping track of transactions. But in the case of a large business scenario, the number of transactions is huge. The number of people keeping track of those very transactions is huge too. Each person involved in the business might have their own version of transactions. Blockchain solves this problem by each ‘node’ having their own copy of the ledger.


  • Asset

    The Blogchatter A to Z has kicked off and I start off my set of posts primarily around the theme of technical and personal posts. My latest fascination has been ‘Blockchain’ and I am striving to do my technical posts around my latest interest. 

    ‘Blockchain’ is the common shared digital ledger that every participant in the business sees. In the Blockchain world, any thing that has value is  called as an ‘Asset’. Assets are sold and bought and these are recorded on the Blockchain ledger. Asset is the key aspect of Blockchain. 

    Assets are further classified into tangible assets and intangible assets. Tangible assets are those that can be seen and visualized. Examples of tangible assets are car, motorcycle, house.

    Intangible assets are those that are abstract and cannot be seen but they play an equally vital part in the blockchain  cosmos. Examples of intangible assets are mortgage, patent, trademark. 

    Cash is yet another form of ‘asset’ but it is completely anonymous. We cannot track its movements. We don’t know who we received it from and where it will go next. 

    We discussed ‘Asset’ in the Blockchain world. Drop by tomorrow as I continue my ‘Blockchain’ journey…

  • Blockchain trainings!

    Technology is a fickle thing. The requirements change at the speed of light!(not exactly – but fast enough! :))  No sooner do we think that “Java” is the most required skill in the technology space, in comes,  “Data analytics”, “Security” and “PMP”!!

    Now it is artificial intelligence(AI), machine learning and the Blockchain wave that is sweeping the technology landscape and we hear that there will(or there already is) a shortage of professionals in these areas.  This results in organizations and professionals scampering to reskill in these areas and looking for appropriate trainings. This post will list the popular Blockchain trainings around Bangalore, India and around the world.

    Deal from GoDaddy!

    1. Edureka:

      Edureka’s ‘Blockchain certification course‘ is a live, instructor led course. This course provides “an overview of the structure and mechanism of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Multichain Blockchain platforms”( Source: https://www.edureka.co/blockchain-training) In addition, this course teaches you to create your blockchain and render smart contracts on Ethereum.

    2. Simplilearn

         Simplilearn offers ‘Blockchain basics‘ course and ‘Blockchain certification course’. Both the courses are online and self-paced. A few points regarding the Blockchain certification course. It helps the learner develop “a strong understanding of Blockchain technology and understand what Bitcoin is and how it works” (Source: https://www.simplilearn.com/blockchain-certification-training)

    3. Coursera: IBM Blockchain Foundation for developers

    In this course, IBM Blockchain experts guide one to understand the basics of Blockchain technology. It also helps one to build a simple blockchain solution. In addition, there are several tests, quizzes to asses the knowledge of the student.

    4. Udemy: 

    Udemy has mutiple courses on Blockchain. They can be found at this link

    This post just listed a few of the sites that offer Blockchain training. For more information on each of these trainings, click the links given.

    Join me as I begin my A to Z BlogChatter Challenge from April 1st!