• Anatomy of the Shellshock vulnerability

    If you thought, remotely seizing a machine and making it obey your orders was what sci-fi movies were made of, think again! The Shellshock vulnerability or the Bash bug vulnerability discovered in September of 2014 by Stephane Chazelas, a security researcher at Akamai firm allowed hackers to do exactly that in reality!  It was different more

  • The ‘Interview’….

    Several years ago, a young lady wearing a salwar kameez, walked into a quiet place in a hesitant way. The environment was fairly formal and the people in the place made her feel quite warm and comfortable. This was the first time she was meeting them. Her father had already hinted that this might not more

  • Java 8 – Default and Static Methods in Interfaces

    Before beginning this post, I would like state that this post assumes some knowledge of Java.   Prior to Java 8, all methods in an interface had to be ‘abstract’. However, in Java 8, default and static methods could also be defined in interfaces. These are discussed in the following sections. Default Methods: A default more

  • The ‘Apple’ of my eye! :)

    For most of the Apple lovers possessing iPhones, iPods, Mac books and iPad and so on, this week was an exciting week as it saw the  launch of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8S and iPhone X. How will the new iPhone X be? Pronounced iPhone ’10’ and not iPhone ‘X’, this is the thought for more

  • Types of hackers

    In today’ post, we will see the different types of hackers:   Try Club Mahindra today!

  • Should I or shouldn’t I?

    After having written about the ‘Beauty of life in India’    and the reasons why we returned to India, I thought it would be a good idea to put the reverse into perspective too. Most of the students in colleges all across in India (undergraduate or post graduate education) are always wondering the same thing more

  • Which is more secure: SSL, TLS or HTTPS

    Data that is passed “as-is”(without encryption) is prone to attacks by hackers and people with malicious intent. In order to pass critical financial information without being eavesdropped, it is crucial to encrypt all data. Encrypting communication allows one to pass credit card numbers, banking information and other sensitive details between the client and server and more

  • Have you heard about cyber diplomacy?

    ‘Diplomacy’ is defined as “the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and tactful way” and cyber diplomacy is a careful extension to that. Social media is an absolute necessity for individuals, businesses and government organizations. Most major heads of state are present either on Facebook, Twitter and/or other social media platforms. Given the more

  • Magic of ‘Belur’!

    I have always been a fan of history and particularly Indian history. India is a glorious and old country with a rich heritage. There are numerous temples and other architectural monuments all around the country which are several hundred years old. While I have never had the opportunity to visit the monuments in the Northern more

  • Definition of the day: Honeypots

    “Honeypots” in network security is a computer system which entices hackers to attack it. ¬†All ports are kept open on the ¬†system and the computer acts normally with its services(but in reality, it is isolated and monitored) The main idea behind setting up “honeypots” is used to study the motives of malicious individuals and track more