‘Minimum online presence’


‘Minimum online presence’

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No sooner had I written about maintaining a ‘minimum online presence’ on my Hacking post, I had several comments relating to that(either, ‘it was not possible’ or ‘how do we that’) While it is next to impossible to grow a business or forge business relationships without a good social media presence, it is also imperative to reveal only what is needed.  In this post I will discuss what I meant by ‘minimum online presence’:

  • It is unnecessary to reveal location information all the time. It is pretty exciting to tell our social media world the smallest details relating to our current location/life – but it is good information for a hacker or anybody of malicious intent.  Occasionally, revealing is fine but we do not have to feed all the social media giants with our data all the time!  ‘Location’ is needed only for food delivery apps and Uber/Ola booking services.
Cyber security
  • Posting of children’s pictures is also absolutely unnecessary. Children’s pictures can also be stolen and used for malicious purposes. You don’t want strangers leering at your child’s picture, do you? But again, posting once in a while will not do any major harm. 
  • It is also good to not divulge bank account numbers, passwords, phone numbers,credit card numbers and other personal numbers in public conversations without appropriate encryption.Why? – because, once that information is received by hackers,  your bank balance will be reduced to zero! 
  • It is a better idea to change your profile picture occasionally on different social media platforms than changing it frequently
  •    It is also good to never go overboard with excessive personal information(whether pictures, conversations, or any other data) Balance is always the key!

Going to an online world is just like going to work – if we will not reveal everything about ourselves to everyone at our work place – we should not reveal everything about our self in the online world too! It is best for your  business to thrive but not at the cost of your kids/personal safety or your financial information. 

For any other information that has to be shared, visit the person, call or private message the person. It builds good business/personal relationships too! 🙂

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