Why do we Tamilians not have a last name?

Frankly, I have no idea!! 🙂 If you do please comment below…

But I can share some thoughts regarding our first and last name business! While for most of the world specifying a first and last name is the easiest thing to do – it is not so for us who belong to one particular state in India, Tamil Nadu!! Specifying first and last names is Greek and Latin to most of us who are Tamilians. I used to be petrified of applications that asked for

First name:

Last name:

Middle name:


Husband’s name:

to which my answer will always be:

First name: Jayanthi

Last name: Manikandan

Middle name: –

Surname: Manikandan

Husband’s name: Manikandan!! 🙂


Now, you can imagine the feeling the person reading the application will get after seeing so many “Manikandans” all over the place!! 🙂 And if there is another column called “Family name” – you know what the answer will be!! 🙂

The real problem is we Tamilians (atleast most of us) do not have have the custom of having last names at all.

So, how do we specify our names in the first place might be your question – to which the answer is:

  1. For girls, we take the first initial of our father before marriage and we take the first initial of our husband after marriage
  2. For boys(they have it easy!! :)) they take the initial of their father, throughout their lives.

Since we never had the habit of specifying last names in our life, it is quite amusing when we encounter applications that require a variety of “names” to be specified.

So, how do we tackle this?

  1. For boys(it is simple again! :)) – just affix the father’s name behind their first name throughout life!
  2. For girls, before marriage – we affix our father’s name behind our first name and after marriage, we affix our husband’s name behind our first name!!( I am sure there are exceptions and some women do keep their father’s name after marriage too)

And if the world decides to introduce any more names to its “name dictionary” – you know what my answer will be!! 🙂

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