Never judge a book by its cover!


Never judge a book by its cover!

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In my favorite proverb series – this is yet another one ‘Never judge a book by its cover’!! – which means not to judge a person too quickly and by looking at only their outward appearance and demeanor. 

Almost all the proverbs seem to be leading us for a perfect life(good healthy eating habits, forgetting the past, moving on etc etc) which is next to impossible for all us… πŸ™‚ but we can still try to follow it to some extent at least…

Judging someone is something we are all guilty of…but sometimes, we judge somebody without knowing them totally and by external appearances alone.  We judge a person in a hurry just by looking at them or by speaking just a few words with them too. We label them quickly too (talkative, quiet, silent, pessimistic, optimist, studious, nerd, geek, no sense of humor etc etc) I have been guilty of judging somebody too quickly just by their appearance and finally realized how wrong I was too!(face palm!!)

All of us undergo many,many experiences in life and each of the experiences either mellows us down, makes us stronger or weaker. Even though there is a Tamil proverb “agathin azhagu mugathil theriyum”(The beauty of your mind is visible on your face) – more often than not, you cannot understand everything that a person has undergone just by looking at their face. Most of us maintain a happy and smiling face which holds many secrets! 

So, good to not judge a book by its cover but give all relationships some time to develop and grow!

This post is for alphabet ‘N’ of the #Blogchatter challenge. The previous post can be found here.

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Sonia ChatterjeePosted on12:26 pm - Apr 16, 2019

So true. We are mostly a bunch of judgmental species. Whether you are fat or thin, fair or dark, single or married – you are judged. And then when you become a mother, everything is subjected to a scanner, judgments and then opinions followed by advice. Brilliant post.

Samira GuptaPosted on1:03 pm - Apr 16, 2019

Simply superb. We are always in a hurry to judge. I too belonged to that category who judge just looking at the cover and get carried away easily. Have been befooled by many and finally now trying to change and take a deeper look into things.

Dr.AmritaPosted on7:48 pm - Apr 16, 2019

Judging is a human passtime.Need to get a grip on it for productivity

Rashi RoyPosted on7:58 pm - Apr 16, 2019

Lovely message and it’s true to the core.

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