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It seems as though something new is always brewing on the technological front!  I have been hearing about “Mastodon” for quite a while and sought to find more things about it and here they are:

  1. ‘Mastodon’ is an open source decentralized network
  2. Each group is an “instance” (reminds me of my Java programming days :)) or “server”
  3. You can post messages, videos or images
  4. You can think of many such “servers” floating in the “Mastadon” space
  5. You can join any “server” of your interest
  6. You can join any “server” based on “Category” of your choice(Technology, General, Art, Journalism and more)
  7. You can create your own “server” too and lay your own rules
  8. All “servers” are ad-free and non-algorithmic
  9. Since it is decentralized, it is free from any sort of tapping or interference
  10. None of the data is monitored or collected. However, all data that you type will be visible to the “server” creator(obviously! :))
  11. All thoughts have a limit of 500 characters(which can be edited or deleted)
  12. You can interact with members from your own “server” or from other “servers”
  13. “Mastodon has stronger anti-harassment tools”



There are many smaller and finer features but the major ones are listed above… for more about “Mastodon” do visit this link..

Maybe, the most important and key take away from the “Mastodon” social network, is the ability to pass thoughts on social media without being observed by anybody thus bolstering the concept of “privacy”…


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