iOS 13 privacy


iOS 13 privacy

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With Apple releasing the new iPhone 11 and its 13th major release of its mobile operating system, ‘iOS 13 on September 19, 2019’, it is the privacy features of iOS 13 that stole my glance! (as usual) Some general features of the iOS 13 are:

  1. The update is applicable only to models of  iPhone 6S and above
  2. There is a new optimized battery charging
  3. Apps are expected to be launched faster
  4. The ‘Do not disturb while driving’ feature detects if you are using public transport and does not turn ‘on’
  5. Unknown callers will be sent straight to voicemail
  6. Enhanced privacy features

Data gathering:

Like it or not, data is always being gathered about you in the background of all devices and social media forums. All social media giants do this and either we are victims of it unknowingly or knowingly. How do we control the apps and social media giants from snooping on our personal data, our pictures etc? Code the operating system appropriately…and that is exactly what Apple has done!

Giving access to our private data knowingly is one thing – but gathering it without our knowledge is totally another thing! 

As I was testing the new iOS 13 OS from a security standpoint, I was amazed by the intricate way in which privacy has been built into every application in the iPhone device. Be it ‘Contacts’, ‘Calendars’, ‘Photos’, ‘Bluetooth’, ‘Files and Folders’ – privacy can be tuned to everything and makes sure every application asks your explicit permission before accessing the private data on your mobile devices. 

  • Camera: There is an explicit disclaimer stating that the pictures and videos that are taken will have other details like where and when they were taken. 
  • Contacts: The following picture shows applications that have requested access to your contacts 



The following picture shows what happens when ‘Whatsapp’ is not given access to ‘My Contacts’:

  • Photos: The picture below shows the permissions which have been given to certain application to access the photos on a device



  • Files and Folders: Applications that have requested to the files and folders appear here
  • Bluetooth: Applications that have requested access to Bluetooth is listed here


       The above picture shows an ‘Alert’ when an application like ‘Amazon Alexa’ is trying to access ‘Bluetooth’.

It is nice to see a tech giant using the power of programming and coding in a positive way. It is also nice to see that the whole data gathering process in Apple is much more transparent than other social media giants and we are able to determine whether we would like to share our pictures, location “All the time”, “Once” or “Never”

Maybe, the overall message in the Apple services says it all “Apple services are designed to protect your information and enable you to choose what you share”

With privacy and security being woven to every application of the iOS 13, it is a sure winner!! Maybe the other tech giants will soon follow suit!!

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MahaPosted on6:46 pm - Sep 22, 2019

Nice post 👍 👍

SushmitaPosted on2:04 am - Sep 26, 2019

This was particularly helpful for me! I am new to iOS and going through all the techie releases is too much for me right now! Thanks for making this privacy edit simple to understand!

Rashi RoyPosted on8:25 am - Sep 27, 2019

You have explained everything so well and I loved how you used the screenshots to make it easy to understand.

Sitharaam JayakumarPosted on2:46 pm - Sep 27, 2019

Your post is very clear and it looks like Apple has worked hard on securing data and has brought out something really sophisticated.

arv!Posted on8:19 pm - Sep 27, 2019

Some of these offers enhanced privacy choices. Thanks for explaining.

VarshaPosted on8:47 pm - Sep 27, 2019

My hubby is a lot into iPhone and he recently updated to iOS13 and we noticed this public transport thing a lot as we were on a vacation last week.
#MyFriendAlexa #vigorousreads

Arushi SethPosted on11:12 pm - Sep 27, 2019

Thanks for simplifying and explaining it so well. Very informative post for the iOS users.

Noor Anand ChawlaPosted on11:14 pm - Sep 27, 2019

Wow! As an iPhone user, I am so happy to know about the enhanced privacy settings in the new update! Thanks for sharing!

Priyal poddarPosted on12:57 am - Sep 30, 2019

A useful information post for iOS user, you have written the post nicely.

BrindaPosted on6:37 pm - Sep 30, 2019

I was undecided whether to update to the latest iOS 13, but you have explained it well. There have been mixed reports about it, you are confident of your data?

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