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Defense in depth

Each year we hear of numerous security breaches or incidents. Name any organization/social media site and there is a possibility, that you too would have received a message “that there was a security breach but your information may have been compromised or your information is safe”. Given the magnanimity of today’s security scenario, wherein even non-security professionals can understand the repercussions of a security incident, it is but necessary to enforce additional security measures to bolster a home or business environment. It is here that the concept of ‘Defense in depth’ comes to the rescue of novice and experienced security practitioners alike. The meaning of ‘Defense in depth’ and the various components of ‘Defense of depth’ approaches forms the basis of discussion in this post.

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Jayanthi Manikandan has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from India and a Master’s degree in Information systems with a specialization in Information security from Detroit, MI, USA. She has written blogs for Simplilearn, Whizlabs software, InfoSec institute and Jigsaw academy. She has created e-learning videos for Whizlabs software and Twenty19.

She has been passionate about Information security and has several years of experience writing on various technical topics. Additionally, she loves to pen a few personal thoughts here as well! 🙂