Blockchain trainings!


Blockchain trainings!

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Technology is a fickle thing. The requirements change at the speed of light!(not exactly – but fast enough! :))  No sooner do we think that “Java” is the most required skill in the technology space, in comes,  “Data analytics”, “Security” and “PMP”!!

Now it is artificial intelligence(AI), machine learning and the Blockchain wave that is sweeping the technology landscape and we hear that there will(or there already is) a shortage of professionals in these areas.  This results in organizations and professionals scampering to reskill in these areas and looking for appropriate trainings. This post will list the popular Blockchain trainings around Bangalore, India and around the world.

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  1. Edureka:

  Edureka’s ‘Blockchain certification course‘ is a live, instructor led course. This course provides “an overview of the structure and mechanism of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Multichain Blockchain platforms”( Source: In addition, this course teaches you to create your blockchain and render smart contracts on Ethereum.

2. Simplilearn

     Simplilearn offers ‘Blockchain basics‘ course and ‘Blockchain certification course’. Both the courses are online and self-paced. A few points regarding the Blockchain certification course. It helps the learner develop “a strong understanding of Blockchain technology and understand what Bitcoin is and how it works” (Source:

3. Coursera: IBM Blockchain Foundation for developers

In this course, IBM Blockchain experts guide one to understand the basics of Blockchain technology. It also helps one to build a simple blockchain solution. In addition, there are several tests, quizzes to asses the knowledge of the student.

4. Udemy: 

Udemy has mutiple courses on Blockchain. They can be found at this link

This post just listed a few of the sites that offer Blockchain training. For more information on each of these trainings, click the links given.

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