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The month of April has arrived and #BlogchatterA2Z has begun!! I will be participating again this year and hope to write and write about my favorite topic – Information security and will squeeze some famous proverbs too! Shower my blog with love as I sail through April!! Let’s begin….

We all have a life outside Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter – but we have forgotten the password for it’! 🙂 goes the latest security quote that shows the importance of passwords and authentication.

We live in a world where we are authenticating ourselves all the time! Did you know? You enter the ‘username’ and ‘password’ and boom! you are inside a particular website. So, now what is authentication exactly? ‘Authentication’ is proving who you are to the system to access the appropriate resources. The most popular way to authenticate yourself is through the classic ‘username and password’ combination. As an example, in order to access any social media site you enter your ‘username’ and ‘password’. The ‘username’ and ‘password’ are compared against an existing database and once they match, the username is allowed to access the resources. This is a simplified process of authentication.

Three factors that influence ‘authentication’:

There are three factors that ‘authentication’ is based on – something that you have(smartphone or laptop or tablet), what you know(password) and what you are(biometrics) 

Strong authentication makes use of two factors . The username-password combination makes use of – something that you have(namely laptop or smartphone) and something that you know(password)


Since the classic username and password combination might be fraught with different types of difficulties, authentication of a user can also be established by making use of ‘biometrics’. ‘Biometrics’ makes use of the physical features of a person(like fingerprint, retina) to perform authentication.

But it must be noted that ‘biometrics’ alone cannot be used to validate a user – it has to be coupled with another factor of authentication to validate the user.

We saw the concept of ‘authentication’ in this post…stay tuned for alphabet ‘B’ tomorrow…



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Sonia ChatterjeePosted on10:56 am - Apr 1, 2019

Informative as always.

Priyanka NairPosted on1:15 pm - Apr 1, 2019

Very Informative post 😊

SuhasiniPosted on1:58 pm - Apr 1, 2019

Thanks for the wonderful way of narrating the complex terms.

abhijitPosted on3:48 pm - Apr 1, 2019

Authentication is important. Thank you for informing the readers.

Rashi RoyPosted on7:18 pm - Apr 1, 2019

That was really informative and very useful. Loved the quote too! Looking forward to it.

Mayuri NidigalluPosted on12:46 pm - Apr 2, 2019

Good to see the tech side of things explained so simply. Really helps!

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