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ByJayanthi Sep 19, 2019

Certifications vs Degree

'Certifications'? Ask this to any computer professional - and their eyes will surely glow... :) 'certifications' are available in every computer

ByJayanthi Sep 12, 2019

ATM hacking

Cars can be hacked, phones can be hacked, all smart devices can be hacked - so why not ATM machines? Scary isn't it? This news from the 'Economic

ByJayanthi Sep 2, 2019

AI and Cyber security

"Artificial intelligence" or "AI" is a word that has been generously splashed all over and is omnipresent in our lives today and yet most of us a

ByJayanthi Jul 19, 2019

Face app

It seems the online world is embroiled in some sort of controversy or the other giving me plenty to write about!! ;) Jokes aside - have you downl