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ByJayanthi May 6, 2019

Reflections – A2Z19

The month of April is always a busy one for me. Two grown kids at home(oh, they are work too!! :)) , schedules all over the place, travelling, bu

ByJayanthi Apr 30, 2019

Project Zero

Security has become an important component of every business. Many(if not all) organizations are choosing a proactive approach to security rather

ByJayanthi Apr 26, 2019

Women in Cybersecurity

A little girl always fiddled with her mother's smartphone and tried to crack the passcode or the pattern on it. She knew exactly what her mother

ByJayanthi Apr 23, 2019

Two factor authentication

Recall the 'Authentication' post for alphabet 'A'? Now we deal with two-factor authentication which is an extension to that post.  Authentic