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ByJayanthi Jul 19, 2019

Face app

It seems the online world is embroiled in some sort of controversy or the other giving me plenty to write about!! ;) Jokes aside - have you downl

ByJayanthi Jul 8, 2019

Are you a “Cyberchrondriac?” or a “Script kiddie?”

Cyberchrondriac: I am sure most of us have heard of the term "hyperchrondriac". A "hyperchrondriac" is a person who is excessively worried abo

ByJayanthi Jun 11, 2019


'Sharenting' - "What is that?" might be the thought for many of was the same thought for me too and soon I was researching more and more

ByJayanthi Jun 2, 2019

Offensive and defensive security

Did you know that the words 'offensive' and 'defensive' can be used in the InfoSec domain as well? If you follow my writings on Information secur